Marlowe Alter is a tenaciously passionate sports journalist and sports web editor at the Detroit Free Press hailing from Princeton, New Jersey.

Marlowe graduated from Ohio University’s esteemed Scripps School of Journalism in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree. At Ohio, Marlowe covered numerous sports working for a multitude of publications. Marlowe was on the beat of Ohio’s football & men’s basketball programs, writing a variety of stories while gaining valuable writing & communication skills & experience.

Marlowe constantly yearns to build his sports knowledge through reading, studying innovative stats & game film, & going beyond the box score to quench his ever-growing appetite for a deeper knowledge about the sports, teams, players & coaches. He has a special affinity for the Xs & Os with an insatiable hunger to learn strategy.

An avid Philly fan thanks to his father’s roots in the City of Brotherly Love, Marlowe tends to become emotional during Eagles, Phillies, 76ers & Flyers games. He wrote his eighth grade graduation speech about how Allen Iverson inspired him, through A.I.’s harsh up-bringing & courage on the court.

Marlowe vigorously supports his alma mater Bobcat Nation, as well as the Princeton Tigers.

Marlowe enjoys thoughtful sports talk with other fans and readers.

Engage with @MarloweAlter on Twitter and view his published works for the Detroit Free Press.

Contact Marlowe via email: or

Me at the Mac Tournament

Marlowe Alter at the 2013 MAC Men’s Basketball Tournament in Cleveland, Ohio.



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