These are unprompted, unedited comments from real readers–well all of these people are actually my mother spamming from hundreds of different accounts.

Here’s what the people have said:

THIS is how a sports article should be written! excellent cut-scenes on plays. This is state of the art. Great job and analysis!” — Winston Lewis

very good article, and I really like the links to the videos that show the actual speed of each play.. awesome job.” — Patrick Chesbro

Wow… That was and awesome inside look at what NFL coaches and GMs use for prospects” — Mahmood Abdell

Very comprehensive film collection on this man. He looks like he could help us is my honest impression of your article on him” — Thomas Vascotto

Marlow, great article. Very insightful. I wish your male colleagues would follow your example. You make me look forward to reading the Lions section. I like that you think outside the box and analyze real game situations, and share your view point. David Fiscus 58 years a Lion Fan.” — David Fiscus

“great x’s & o’s – sometimes I get sick of the incessant talk about how great the individual players are, w/o talking a whole lot about schemes, formations, play-calling, adjustments by coaches and players alike”Robert Eckert

“Love the breakdown. Thank you!”Matt Mitchell


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